Strategic Design & New Product Development



What We Do


Products with Purpose

We believe that successful products and brands are the direct result of a compelling product strategy. Using the most advantageous methods learned from working within top-tier design consultancies and corporate design teams, we help companies build innovative products, concepts and experiences.


We strive to embed ourselves within our client’s and partner's company and culture. We can work within an existing development structure or implement our own design process to develop strategic design solutions that breathe new life into existing markets and identify emerging trends.


Need design concepts or a model asap? While we believe that great product experiences take time to develop, we understand that sometimes projects require an accelerated time line. We’ve heard it all before and can to adapt to fit any schedule. Because each project is unique and requires a unique approach, we won’t force our design process down your throat. We can work within your organization or as an extension of it saving time in the development process.


Our services include:

- Front end product brand strategy

- User-centric research and analysis

- Market landscape audits

- Trend forecasting

- Story boarding

- Design conceptualization and refinement

- Product visualization and marketing renderings

- CAD development

- Mechanical engineering

- Prototyping

- Production development